Employee Engagement

The transition from traditional marketing that pushed what WE wanted to say to consumers to a dynamic where consumers are empowered to seek out information that THEY want —when they want has arrived. The genie is out of the bottle.  Consumers not only seek out information about your products or services, they use social media to share their experience and ask others about theirs.  That is why today, the success of your brand is in the hands of your employees. Today it is critical that employees are engaged in building the best product, and providing an exceptional customer experience at every touch point. To put this in perspective consider the old standard “if your customer has a good experience they will tell 3 to 5 people, if they have a bad experienced they will tell 10 to 15”. Before the proliferation of social media such as Facebook, and  LinkedIn people would pick up the phone and dial seven numbers 10 to 15 times to tell the tale. Today, their social networks include over 75 people and you only need to push a single button to tell them all —but it does not stop there. Their network has the opportunity to “share” that same message in their network —and so it goes. And so goes the brand reputation of your organization with it.

PSM believes that any corporate initiate should start with a program to engage employees.  We provide services to improve internal communication and define a relevant employee messaging designed to assure employees are engaged in the organizations goals.

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