Empower Your Sales.

12 Factors that can empower or impair your sales effort.

Last year was a year when traditional marketing strategies and tactics began to take a back-seat to digital tools that empower companies to integrate marketing with sales in powerful ways never before possible.

Take the test.

Review these 12 factors to determine whether your organizations sales effort is empowered or impaired.  Then let us know what you think.



1. Sales are slipping and you don’t know why. 1. Your company can link sales back to marketing efforts.
2. Your company does not regularly review website analytics to assess website performance. 2. Your company regularly reviews website analytics and uses the tool to fine-tune your lead generation program.
3 You haven’t defined the sales potential for current clients. 3. Your company actively manages sales potential for each customer.
4. You have a high percentage of “One & Done” Customers. 4. Your company utilizes a customer relationship plan to manage the satisfaction, engagement and profit potential for each customer.
5. Your marketing materials and website is focused on your company not the interests of prospects. 5. Your marketing materials and website is designed as a decision-making resource to address prospect pain points. Visitors value your site and return on a regular basis.
6. You have a website but no strategy behind it. 6. Your company website is strategically designed to generate leads for your sales effort.
7. You are spending a disproportionate amount on traditional marketing efforts 7. Your company actively tracks the results of all marketing efforts to ensure the right amount of resources are focused on lead generation and attaining a strong ROI for your investment.
8. You post something new on your website once a month whether you need to or not. 8. Your company has a program in place to identify and post Prospect Relevant content three to four times a month (at minimum).
9. You have not checked the search performance of your website in months 9. Your company actively manages the performance of key words and search terms to ensure first page ranking for your entire line of products or services.
10. Your marketing and sales effort is managed by the same person 10. Your company recognizes that to be competitive today requires a specialized approach to marketing, a concentration on sales and an operational plan to integrate both.
11. Your full service ad agency also built your website. 11. Your company website is strategically designed by a marketing professional to engage the visitor & generate leads. And, it is built to perform with search engines by a qualified web development firm.
12. Your sales and engineering staff drive your marketing effort. 12. Your company employs marketing professionals/specialists capable of defining & implementing an integrated marketing program designed to engage prospects, generate leads and close sales.

For companies that compare well to their competitors on product, price and quality attributes; using empowering tactics can directly lead to a significant improvement in sales success. You can count on that. Companies that have not embraced these new tools and tactics have likely lost competitive position to those who have.  It is that simple.

The transition— from traditional methods to new tactics (and more possibilities) –has occurred quickly.  So quickly that it is challenging, if not impossible, for anyone less than a dedicated professional to keep up. The important thing is, to recognize if your organizations sales success may be impaired by older tactics and how to empower your organization to move forward.

Staying ahead of (or at least even with) your competition will be the deciding factor between success and disappointment in 2014.While new tools are readily available for organizations to radically improve competitive position, it may require a more focused approach.  Attaining sales success in the coming year may require a change in direction in order to ensure your company moves forward.

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Pete Sitter is the principal of PSM, a concierge marketing firm. His diverse marketing experience includes work with clients across broad business categories inclusive of: Industrial, Healthcare, Financial & Insurance, Packaged Goods and Retail.  He brings an invaluable perspective as a client, ad agency executive, marketing consultant and sales executive. Through established partnerships with industry leading firms PSM brings high impact, integrated marketing &sales solutions for organizations interested in growing their business.  His insightful posts are viewed by an international audience across industry categories.

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