Improving Brand Image

How individuals form opinions about your organization has changed radically in a short period of time. A few short years ago your brand image was what you told people it was.  Advertising message and design, logo, and slogans were pushed out to consumers who accepted or rejected your brand based on what you said it was. Times have changed.

Today, consumers prefer to proactively seek out information about your organization and make evaluations based on their experiences. Their evaluation is still based on the old traditional influences: advertising message and design, logo and slogan,—but today it also includes such factors as:

  • Website Design, Content & Navigation
  • Social Media Presence
  • Rating Services
  • Word of Mouth recommendation (on social media and rating services)
  • Interaction with your employees.

To earn a favorable brand image in today’s world requires an integrated approach across multiple touch-points. AND, it involves a consumer centric approach that addresses needs and interests first before the interests of the organization.

PSM helps organizations improve their Brand Image through these services:

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