Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is a specialty of PSM. Our unique experience as an advertising executive, regional sales director and C-suite marketing executive ensures that the marketing strategy we develop for your firm reflects a truly integrated approach.  Our programs are designed to include every aspect of your business:  advertising to sales, traditional to digital, employees to products and services.  We ensure all elements of your business move in the same direction to achieve the goals of your business no matter what category of business you are in.

This approach to marketing is what distinguishes PSM from Advertising Agencies and Strategic Planning firms.  We embrace what others leave out

Our recommendations are based on a real world understanding of your organizations capacity to implement each plan. Plans are structured in stages, as each prerequisite is achieved; the plan is adjusted to continually improve. And because each plan is presented as a dashboard it becomes the focal point for engaging employees in the success of the organization.  Everyone in the organization knows what their responsibility is and where the organization stands with respect to achieving goals.

That is the PSM difference.

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