Online Strategy

The internet, and the technology that enables it, has changed the way in which prospects and customers interact with organizations forever.

We believe an organizations website must be the hub for all marketing activity in today’s inter-connected world. A place where current customers are connected with us. The place where prospects establish their first connection in ways that have meaning and are relevant to them.  Websites are the place where those initial connections are then cultivated and qualified for our sales efforts.  And, when traditional advertising efforts are integrated with online efforts we are better able to measure the ROI of every effort.

Technology has enabled a brand new world of marketing and that means opportunity for companies that embrace it. The challenge for companies is keeping up with that technology. It takes a dedicated specialist, to stay current with the changes and understand their application to marketing your product or service.

PSM is expert at assessing your business and defining an online strategy that makes sense for your organization. We start by talking to you to better understand your business. How sales are made. What is important to your customers–their hot-buttons and pain points. We then evaluate how to formulate an online strategy that wills turbo-charge your sales effort.

Take a moment to review the possibilities for your business.

  • Website Development. Most organizations currently have a “stage one” website—a website that is primarily designed like a brochure for your organization and is rarely updated. We work with clients to update their sites to ensure the site is a valued resource for prospects,- – more interactive and relevant.  Our process ensures your website reflects the way in which prospects seek information about your products and services, and your organization becomes their preferred resource.
  • Inbound Marketing. We work with your sales department to develop “inbound” marketing programs that directly target your prospects interests.  An inbound strategy cultivates a relationship with prospects and qualifies their interest before the first sales call. Unlike traditional marketing efforts, (that PUSH your message to prospects whether they are receptive to it or not), inbound marketing acts as a “magnet” to attract prospects to your website based on THEIR interest & needs.
  • Digital Advertising. From online PPC (Pay-per-click) and re-marketing programs, to inbound marketing PSM will define a strategy to that generates visits to your website—but more importantly to the most appropriate page on your website.
  • Social Media. Not all social media options are right for every organization. Social Media is not confined to Facebook.  It is about leveraging the most appropriate social media opportunity to connect your target market segments on their own terms with content that is uniquely relevant to their interests. Depending on the traits of your targeted customers a social media program could include such opportunities as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + or Pintrest among others.
  • Re-Marketing. To ensure your organization’s message sticks with prospects after their first exposure to your message.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 75% of purchase decisions are made work with you to enhance the content and structure of your website, develop blog posts to provide fresh with organizations that appear on the first page of organic internet searches. SEO requires a high level of specialized expertise to stay current with search engine requirements and measurement algorithm. PSM works with the best firms to define a strategy to ensure your organization earns a top rank for key words that best describe your products or services. We relevant content that makes your site vibrant and inviting and we explore the viability of adding videos and links to other sites.
  • Website Analytics. Many organizations never look at the website analytics or have never set up an analytics program. Yet analytics can truly supercharge your online presence and sales efforts. PSM will review the data generated by you website analytics program to help define opportunities and refine your message. Analytics can be leveraged to assess the effectiveness of specific programs and improve your sales effort.
  • Blogs. PSM will work with you to establish a blog for your organization and ghost-write content. Blogs help to establish your organization as an authority and help to keep your website fresh and relevant.
  • E-books & E-papers.  We work directly with the experts at your organization and your sales team to identify the topics that are of interest to your prospects and the topics for which your organization has unique expertise. We help distill this information to develop information that can be downloaded to prospects in a way that initiates the sales cultivation process.
  • E-mail marketing. PSM works with clients to develop E-mail marketing programs that are relevant to prospects.  Our programs are designed to gain initial interest and link prospects to specific pages on your website and qualify them for your sales team.

In short, our recommendations are based on what we believe will provide your organization with the highest return on investment. Finding the right mix of the above tactics often requires defining a starting point, assessing progress and evolving to a more aggressive on-line strategy.  PSM will assess your organizations current state and our recommendations will reflect a staged program that defines priorities based on your budgetary constraints.

PSM is certified in Inbound Marketing Methodology by HubSpot, ensuring best practices are provided on behalf of our clients.

If you like the possibilities CONTACT US today and lets get started.