Improving Sales

To understand how to improve sales you must first recognize that the manner in which people are making the decision about which organization to choose has changed forever. Today 70% of the decision to buy your organizations’ products or services is made before the first conversation with your sales team. The internet has become the preferred resource for gaining information about products, services and the organizations that provide them. Buyers prefer to filter alternatives before ever making contact with a sales representative. With online rating services, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and other social media, word-of-mouth recommendations (or critique) are more influential than ever before.

Every interaction with your organization is evaluated and easily compared to your competitors. In today’s world, your organization is competing at every turn. For that reason, it is even more important to manage the relationship with the customers you have earned as it is to win them over in the first place.

PSM has a proven sales track record having managed over $260 million in annual premium for a leading insurer. Our customer relationship process will help your organization categorize the relationship you have with current customers and define relevant action plans improving sales for your organization. That is where profitability lives!

PSM helps companies Improve Sale through three primary services:

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